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Disney Movie Night Gift Basket with Precious Moments

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Sometimes some of the best date nights are ones you have at home. Valentine’s Day is soon and when I got the chance to review a Previous Moments love themed figurine, I jumped at the chance! Precious Moments gave me the You’re My Favorite Place To Be figurine in exchange for an honest review.  If you are looking for a wonderful gift for the love of your life this easy to make Disney Movie Night Gift Basket with Precious Moments is a great idea!

You’re My Favorite Place To be Precious Moments Figurine Review

Precious Moments makes such beautiful figurines and dolls. My DIY gift basket includes this adorable You’re My Favorite Place To Be figurine from Precious Moments and everything else I got from the Dollar Tree.

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There is nothing like a wonderful at home movie date night! My husband and I have them often. Just like the figurine I get all nice and cozy with my love and enjoy a movie. The couple in the figurine are in their comfiest clothes. That is one of the best parts of having a date night at home, no uncomfy clothes and makeup! Looking at the cute figurine reminds me of all the romantic movie nights we have had at home and how I would only want to share these moments with my husband. He is my favorite place!

As with all Precious Moments products the piece is impeccable. Pristine craftmanship and great attention to detail. I love the tiny flowers on the woman’s pajamas.

DIY Disney Movie Night Gift Basket

Other than the beautiful Precious Moments figurine and movie I got everything else at the Dollar Tree.

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Ideas to include in your Disney Movie Night Gift Basket:

If you are giving this to your sweetheart you don’t even need to splurge for the movie. Just stick in a movie that you already own that is one of their favorite movies. My husband loves UP! so I tucked that in my basket to him!

  • Cute Precious Moments Figurine or Stuffed Animal Pair
  • RedBox Movie Gift Card
  • Disney Movies
  • Plastic Popcorn Containers
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Boxed Moxie Candy
  • Soda or Wine
  • Cute Cups or Wine Glasses for the Soda
  • Movie Date Night Coupons

Arrange the goodies in the basket. Don’t forget the Movie Date Night coupons! Gift to your loved one and enjoy some lovely time with your favorite person.

Are you a fan of Precious Moments? Which figurine would you gift to your loved one?

Thank you for sharing!