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Disney Memory Maker: A Must Do Now

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Disney can be very expensive. Doing Disney on a budget doesn’t mean you have to cut out the important stuff from the most magical vacation you will ever take.  You should have a lot of pictures to remember this special vacation. One of the things I would consider NOT taking out of your Disney vacation budget is the Disney Memory Maker. Here is everything you need to know about the Disney Memory Maker so you can decide if getting it is the right choice for your family.

Disney Memory Maker, Beauty and the Beast magic Shot
This shot is a magic shot with added Lumiere and then I was able to add a border using the app.

What is the Disney Memory Maker?

The Disney Memory Maker is an application where you get free access to all of the Disney photos taken by Disney World. These photos include ride photos and videos, Character dining photos, Magic Shots, and pictures taken by Disney Photopass photographers on Disney property.

Memory Maker gives you access to unlimited photo downloads. You can also choose special borders and stickers to personalize your photos.

How Does Memory Maker Work?

Whenever you see a Disney Photopass Photographer simply get your picture taken. Then have them scan your Magic Band, then your photos will show up on your My Disney Experience App within hours. Most of the time they will show up within minutes.

From the app or the My Disney Experience website, you can share photos to your social media or download them to print at your own convenience anywhere you choose. I always print out my pictures at Walgreens or Walmart (as low as 9¢ a print!).

Make sure to download all your photos before they expire. Photos expire 45 days after they are taken unless you are a Disney passholder with memory maker benefits. Passholder photos tend to be available for one year.

How Much is the Disney Memory Maker?

The Disney Memory Maker is $169.00 if purchased at least 30 days ahead of your vacation. It is $199.00 without advanced purchase. This price includes all the photos of anyone in your party and anyone you are connected to on the My Disney Experience App.

For example, if you are a family of three and are traveling along with another family of five, only one Disney Memory Maker needs to be purchased.

Pros of Getting Disney Memory Maker

Everyone is in the Picture.

With Memory Maker, everyone can get in the picture. Usually, Mom or Dad is the photographer and they are always missing from the photo. Remember, selfie sticks are not permitted in the park.

Photopass Group Picture

Nighttime Pictures Come Out Perfect.

I remember trying to capture the picture of myself in front of the castle at night. It is hard to do unless you have the right camera and equipment. Disney Photopass Photographers have the right camera and equipment to get wonderful night time shots.

Magic Shots.

Magic Shots are where Disney adds a little bit of magic to your shots. Like a Tinker Bell in your hands, a Banshee flying in the sky, or your loved one floating away with Up balloons. Most of the time you do not need to ask for these, the photographer automatically has you pose for one. If they don’t, you are more than welcome to ask for one.

Ride Pictures. 

Disney world Memory maker- ride photo
I can’t ever seem to smile on this ride, lol. I always have a scared face!

Since ride pictures are included every face made on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Mount Everest can be part of your memories forever.


Digging out my phone or camera can be annoying at times. Just being able to get my picture taken without all that bother is so nice!

Do You Need Memory Maker?

If ride photos are not really important to you and you can achieve great night shots on your own, then the Memory Maker does not need to be purchased.

When Disney World reopens in July 2020, Disney Cast Members will no longer be able to use your phone and or camera to take pictures for you. As you know our phones carry so many germs and the numbers of guests a Cast Member interacts with would just be a be giving Cast Members so many germs.

Getting Memory Maker is so important now as that is the only way to get some shots with everyone in the picture.

All Disney Photopass Photographers will gladly take photos with your camera and/or phone. Even if you are not near a Photopass Photographer and want your picture taken somewhere any nearby Cast Member usually will take time out to take a few pictures for you.

The one time I would say that you NEED Memory Maker is if you are doing a Disney race. Disney Photopass Photographers all over the course and capture your race perfectly!

Disney Memory Maker Tips

  • Buy Memory Maker in advance to save. The Disney Memory Maker is $169.00 if purchased at least 3 days ahead of your vacation. It is $199.00 without advanced purchase.
  • Don’t feel rushed. Get any many photos as you wish during your turn. Do different configurations of group shots and singles.
  • Nicely Ask the Photopass Photographers to get creative. Most of the photographers love hearing this! They will get some awesome shots, especially if they don’t have a line a mile long!
  • Special Moment? Give the photographer a heads up if you plan to propose, give a special gift, or whatever your special moment may be. You can also do a gender reveal or birth announcement.
  • Photos Missing? Call the support line at 407-560-4300. I had to call it once and the Cast Member was so helpful in trying to find my missing photos. Try to remember the time of day and location the pictures were taken. Also what someone in your party was wearing.
  • The Water Parks do have a couple of Photopass opps. 
  • Smile and Have Fun!

Do I have Memory Maker?

I have Disney Memory Maker because it comes included in my Disney Annual Pass. It gets heavily used and I really don’t see how I lived without it before.

I do wish more Photopass photographers were present in the parks, especially in Epcot.

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Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

Wednesday 12th of July 2017

Memory Maker is a MUST for me when I'm in Disney! That's why I'm so glad that they finally added it to the Passholder pass!