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The Ultimate Disney Shopping Guide | Disney Deals and Coupon Codes

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Hello, my name is April and I am a Disney addict. I love collecting Disney merchandise and getting items for a rock bottom price is my game. Get the latest deals, Disney shopping tips, and great places to find Disney items at a budget-friendly price here!

Disney Deals and Coupon Codes

Disney Deals and Coupon Codes

This section will be updated frequently. Latest Update was 12/15/17.

Disney Store:

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has lots of Disney Merchandise.

Disney Shopping Tips

Set a Budget – If I walked into a Disney Store or Disney World Gift shop without a budget, I would be in trouble. When you are on vacation set a daily or vacation long vacation budget for souvenirs.

Question Your Purchase – Whether you are at the World’s largest Disney Store at Disney Springs or at your local thrift store finding Disney treasures ask yourself some questions to see if you should really spend the money. Do I have a place for it in my home? Will I use it or wear it? Why do I want this item? If you are at Disney World ask yourself if you can find this item cheaper elsewhere.

Shop with Disney Gift Cards – You can buy discounted Disney Gift cards at Sam’s Club and Costco. My favorite option is to buy them at Target with my Target Debit RedCard. You get an automatic 5% off Disney Gift cards! Find out more information about the Target Debit RedCard HERE. Now through May 20th, when you open a debit or credit REDCard, Target will send you a coupon for an extra 10% off a shopping trip!

Disney Gift cards are accepted at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Store, and Disney Store Outlets!

Disney Movies – The best places to build your Disney movie collection is the Disney Movie Club. Check out my post on how I use the Disney Movie Club to not only build my collection but to also get free Disney items: The Ultimate Guide to the Disney Movie Club.

Shop Disney Parks App – If you can’t go to Disney World right now but still want to grab some great Disney Parks merchandise, download the Shop Disney Parks App. The app is free. You can shop from home for many products. While you are at Disney World you can use the app to find the items you are looking for. The app does feature sales, and if you are an annual passholder your discount is valid on the app.

Plus Size Disney Clothes – Finding Plus Size Disney clothes is a little tricky as they are not as prevalent as the smaller sizes.  I have rounded up my favorite places to find plus size clothes: Where to Find Cute Plus Size Disney Clothes

Shop Clearance – The Disney Store and other pop culture stores like Hot Topic and Torrid have low, low clearance prices.

Great Places to find Disney Items

  • Disney Store Outlets –  Click HERE to find the closest Disney Store Outlet near you!
  • The Walmart near Disney World – The Walmart close to Disney World has some Disney Parks merchandise with Walmart prices. Get ponchos, plushes, lanyards and more at a fraction of the price WDW offers.
  • Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are a great place to find Disney clothes and sometimes you stumble upon some really collectible Vintage items.
  • ThredUp– Think of this website like an online thrift store. Thredup has items from the parks as well from other retailers.
  • Etsy – Check out all the beautiful items on Etsy. You may pay a little more because these are handmade, but the creativity of the outfits and the compliments you will receive make the price worth it.
  • Facebook Disney Resale Groups – Here is a link to one group,, but there are many more out there and you may be able to find a local one near you.
  • Yard Sales
  • Dollar Tree – You can get Disney party supplies, toys, food containers, and some health and beauty products. Need enough for a large party or group? You can order online and have the items delivered to your local store for free.
  • Amazon – With Amazon Prime you get free Shipping. Check my Amazon Page for products I recommend and love!
  • Groupon Goods – Groupon
     has great deals on items, not just local experiences. Check often as their deals change all the time.

Disney Gift Guides

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Sunday 18th of June 2017

In my experience I paid more for movies from the Disney movie club than I would've if I'd purchased the movie from a store. It's a great high getting the initial movies but once you have to pay for them your actually paying more per movie than you would at the store and you also have to pay shipping. Plus if you forget about declining the movie of the month they send it out.

I know it's great getting movies that are only released via DMC. A lot of them though have been previously released to stores or will have a better release in the near future. They charged me $14.95 for "angels in the outfield" plus shipping and handling which is quite high. And it's on store shelves for $5.

I also think it's a bad idea to preorder the movie via DMC or DMR. You are going to be charged a higher rate than will be charged in stores plus that high shipping and handling charge.

I'm one of those nerds that waits for a movie at midnight when it's released because I just can't wait. I will always be a Disney kid and I make no apologies for it lol.

Much of the time you can get a good deal the week the movie is released vs. waiting.

I loved it back when DMA used offer coupons for new releases. I'd get $10 coupons and I'd cross check for deals (Wal-mart, Target and Best Buy) most of the time I'd get the bluray DVD and digital copy for less than $9. With the deal I got on Secretariat I was actually paid $4 to walk out with the movie! Unfortunately they haven't offered that in quite sometime but that doesn't mean you can't get a good Disney deal.

I love target cartwheel I usually only use it with movies and it says I saved over $30. Since my husband is employed by another retailer (in edition to our new real estate business and uber/lyft) I don't always buy from target because I have a discount card from another retailer. But rarely do they post Disney movies on it and if they do it's long after the movies been released. Sometimes they'll have a rare 10-20% off any movie. Again it's rare.

Black Friday deals- usually this is where you'll score the years latest Disney movies for $9. But most of the time it's a movie I already have. Don't like crowds (our quite little rural store has gotten famous as the least crazy store so everyone flocks to ours) neither do I. Most stores will give you the deals online.

I love Disney on "Black Friday" the weather is wonderful, the crowds are minimal, and the Christmas decor is up. So what I'd do is do my order before I left my hotel room.



Tuesday 27th of June 2017

After all my movies are ordered for my Disney movie club requirement, I pay just around $9 a movie. I then cancel and in 6 months to a year I rejoin with another offer. I wait for new releases though. I had my first movie sent to me by mistake a couple months ago. Between moving and lost emails on their end they were happy to take the charges off. I was surprised it was so easy after hearing some bad stories before. I am a Target cartwheel and redcard fan! I have never seen a movie deal on there, I will have to look closer, thanks for the tip! Thanks for the tips about Black Friday at WDW, I will be going there this year as long as I am not having "Thanksgiving" on that day, lol, the life of an EMT wife.