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Disney Cleans with Allergies in Mind

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If you ever suffer from allergies and worry about going on vacation because you know your hotel room will have dust mites Disney is a place of no worry for you.  One reason the Walt Disney World resort is so amazing is the level of service you receive.  Whether in the parks or at the resorts Disney is thinking of their guests and the best way to make your experience magical.   If you are an allergy sufferer there are parts of your vacation that may not be so magical, but have no fear Disney has the answer!allergy cleaning

You can request an allergy cleaning before you arrive at your Disney resort.  The allergy cleaning can be for dust, chemical aversions, latex or nuts.  Housekeeping will do things like clean without latex gloves, or clean with only vinegar and natural solutions.  If you have a severe allergy they will even deep clean the carpets and replace your comforters before you arrive.  They will do all they can to ensure your accommodations are ready and waiting fresh for your arrival.

The best perk about all of this is that Disney offers to do this for their guests at absolutely no charge.  All you have to do is to let your travel agent know you need this service and they can request if for you.  You may also call the resort directly before you arrive.  Disney really goes to great lengths to ensure its guests are comfortable, happy and ready to enjoy making those Magical memories!

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Thank you for sharing!

Jessica B.

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014

Wow, I didn't know they could do this. That is wonderful news!