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10 Disney Board Games for a Fun Family Game Night

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Families that play together, stay together! Does your family need some quality time together this season? I love a family game night at my house. Sitting around the table with family, friends, yummy snacks, and a fun game makes for a perfect game night. Here are 10 Disney Board Games I think your family will love! These games are not only perfect for kids, but these Disney board games are for adults too!

Disney Board Games for a Fun Family Game Night

Pictopia- Family Trivia Game: Disney Edition.


Kids can discover playful trivia spanning decades of Disney magic, from movies and TV to theme parks, It’s a game of teamwork–with a competitive twist! Along the way, are guess-my-answer questions that reveal how much kids know about the other players! 

World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game.

disney eye found it

Join Mickey Mouse and friends on an exciting race through 12 exquisitely illustrated Disney realms, from Radiator Springs and Alice’s Wonderland to Peter Pan’s Never Land and Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. Throughout the race, everyone searches for iconic Disney objects and gets a chance to say, “I found it!”

Disney Colorbrain

The game that tests your knowledge about Disney colors. From Peter Pan To Pixar: Includes questions from over 20 different Disney films, from ‘The color of Scar’s mane’ to ‘The feather in Captain Hook’s hat’ to ‘The buttons on Olaf the Snowman’. In this game, each player starts with 11 Color Cards in their hand. Each round, they must decide which color (or colors) they want to use as their answer to one of the crafty Disney questions.

Frozen 2 Monopoly

Journey through Arendelle and beyond! In this Monopoly Board Game: Disney Frozen 2 Edition, players travel around the board buying up magical locations inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie. The Properties are scenes from the movie and come in color sets. If a player lands on a Snowflake space or draws a certain Chance card, they can place the Snowflake token on any property they own. Whoever lands there has to pay double rent. Activate Elsa’s epic powers by sharing a favorite family memory, and use the Snowflake token to receive double rent! The last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins!

Disney HedBanz. Disney Hedbanz


The game that’s all about using your head. Discover the quick question game of “What am I?” featuring all your favorite Disney characters. Ask questions to figure out if the cartoon on your head is a person or an object from one of your favorite Disney movies. Be the first player to guess what you are and win. Disney Hedbanz – where everybody knows but you.

Meme the Game – Disney Edition

Disney Song Challenge

Who knows the songs from Aladdin, or The Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast? Who loves spending hours surrounded by Disney movies and shows, listening to the songs over and over again? It’s time for players to show off their Disney song skills and sing a song from the show or movie that’s listed on the card. If they fumble on the song, they have to spin the Wheel of Fun-sequences! First player to sing their way to 5 cards wins.

Disney Frozen 2 Uno Game

Uno is always a hit at my house. Why play with a boring card deck, when you can play with the Frozen gang? 

Sorry: Disney Moana Edition

Slide, collide, and score to win! In this Disney Moana edition of the Sorry! game, join Moana and Pua as they journey with Maui and the Heart of Te Fiti. In the game, the Heart of Te Fiti is represented by special tokens, which can help protect players from troubles along the journey. But watch out for the pesky Kakamora! These mischief-makers will try to thwart the team as they sail home. Players jump over pawns, bump them back, and slide around the gameboard track to get their team home before their opponents. 

Monopoly: Disney Animation Edition 

Celebrate Disney Animation in this collector’s edition Monopoly game. From Pinocchio and Peter Pan to The Little Mermaid and Frozen, players can imagine and recall the beloved stories, magical characters, and unforgettable family memories. In this edition, players move around the Disney-themed gameboard, building hotels and houses, buying Disney Movies, Vehicles, Magical Objects, and creating new Disney family memories. 

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