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Exercise Tips – Motivation to Move More

Thank you for sharing!

One of my New Year’s Resolution is to lose and keep off 12 pounds and become healthier.  I have lost 10 pounds which is great, but the hardest time of the year is just around the corner: Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know that to maintain what I have lost and to take off 2 more pounds I need to get moving.  Below are some of the ways I am doing this.  I broke them down into 3 categories: anytime, at work and out on the town.



Exercise Tips

Anytime Exercise Tips

  1. Fitbit – I have the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch.
  2. Fitbit Challenges – I love the challenge that you can do on the Fitbit it keeps me motivated through the day.
  3. Park further away
  4. Find some stairs
  5. Walk to Lunch
  6. Set hourly goals – I have hourly goals for steps but also for water intake
  7. Setup playlist on YouTube – I have playlist for exercise video so that when I have a few spare minute I can log on and do a quick video
  8. Walk in instead of going through the drive thru
  9. Invest in some good workout Videos – here are a few of my favorites
    1. Ruthless
    2. Focus T25
    3. Body Beast
    4. Leslie Sansone Walk At Home 5 Mile
  10. Love your workout clothes – if you love it you are more apt to putting it on and working out
  11. Keep a gym bag in your car – at times I have keep 2 in my trunk
  12. Have a work out partner friend of maybe your child – my son is my work out buddy, he keeps me motivated for sure.
  13. Reward yourself – not with food, but other things you like.
  14. Walk to your printer of copier – you can do this at home, the office or anywhere you print
  15. Walk around your parking lot – there are parking lots everywhere you go
  16. Walk during commercials – no matter where you are you can walk during the commercials, just might be more embarrassing.

At Work Exercise Tips

  1. Set a timer – don’t sit at your desk too long set a time to get you moving.
  2. Walk at lunch – this is a great way to just relax and meditate
  3. Stand at work – by standing you will naturally get more steps in because you will not stay in one spot
  4. Walk to someone’s office instead of email or call – this not only adds steps but help with relationship building at work.

Out on the Town Exercise Tips

  1. Walk your cart back – this one always surprises people. If you really want to get them take back one and then go get one more and take it in. There are always stray ones in the parking lot.
  2. Walk between exercises at gym – You might feel silly but it works to add steps and also to get your heart rate up.
  3. Walk the aisles of a store – this is another on that will make people look, especially if you walk fast through the aisles.

What are some simple ways keep moving throughout the day?

Thank you for sharing!