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Be Crafty and Frugal: Tips to Save on Craft Supplies

Thank you for sharing!

I love to craft! I think I love doing almost every craft there is. I am constantly learning something new and letting my creativity soar. Now when you begin a new craft it can get costly. My husband sometimes cringes when he hears that I want to learn a new craft. He also knows that I am  super frugal and can usually start and maintain my crafting habit for very cheap. Here are some of my best tips to save on craft supplies.

craft supplies
  1. Check Craigslist and other free and resell pages. I have gotten boxes of various craft supplies for free or very cheap using these type of sites. Sometimes someone is stopping a craft and they get rid of everything regarding it.
  2. Upcycle. Keep a collection of recyclable items in your stash to use. Tin cans, stax containers, egg cartons, tissue paper and more can help you make beautiful works of art. I get free-cycled clothes and use buttons, zippers, and material for projects.
  3. Yard Sales. One time my mother-in-law got a whole box of cake decorating stuff for $1. Buy a box of random things for cheap and then pass on what you can’t use.
  4. Coupon Apps. Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Michaels all have a weekly savings coupon and they have an app so you don’t even have to remember to cut the coupon or buy a Sunday paper.
  5. Clearance. Check the clearance section of not only craft stores, but regular retail stores, home improvement stores, and discount stores.Sometimes their craft items don’t move as fast so the discount is steeper.
  6. Thrift Stores. Be sure to check out thrift stores. If you don’t find craft supplies, bu on the lookout for organizational items to keep your craft area clean and tidy so you know where all your supplies are.
  7. Get Organized with the Dollar Tree. Sometimes just knowing where all your items are helps save money. If you are blessed enough to have your own craft room, keeping it organized is key. You can still keep organized without a dedicated room. Get containers from the Dollar Tree and clearly label them. Another way to keep organized is with a pegboard. My husband custom built me a craft desk with a pegboard attached. I LOVE it.
  8. Learn to Properly Care for your crafting items. One of my crafts is painting. I learned how to properly care for my brushes and paints so that I don’t constantly have to rebuy them.
  9. Learn new crafts through Youtube or cheap online courses through Craftsy. Classes at Crafts stores usually have a hefty price and require you to have certain materials. Going through youtube or Craftsy lets you go at your pace and is a free or very cheap. Also ask a friend that does the same craft, to see if they will share with your tips and tricks.
  10. Sell some of your masterpieces to fund your crafting habit. I love scrapbooking and for a little while I was selling scrapbook layouts. My mother-in-law sell these beautiful pillows and potholders that she makes.
  11. Buy Quality Items where it counts. Yes, most of the time I want to the cheapest prices possible, but sometimes to save most you have to make an investment in certain products. I will be sharing with you soon some of my favorite crafting items. Quality matters in some areas, but not all. Make sure to read reviews on products you are thinking of buying.
  12. Borrow non-consumables. Have something you really just can’t afford now or like me don’t really have the space for right now? Borrow it. Make sure you return it in great condition and if it uses something consumable fill it back up.
  13. Buy seasonal items after season. Get seasonal material and papers after the season.

What is your favorite craft and how do you save on Crafts Supplies?

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Thank you for sharing!