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Couponing with Ethics: 4 Helpful Tips

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I am a couponer. I love getting things at a discount. Couponing is a privilege that many people are abusing and it is affecting everybody. Here are a few tips that will help you coupon ethically.                            

1. Please do not misuse a  coupon. If a coupon says that it is for a specific item do not use it on anything that brand sells. Example: using a white strips coupon ($10) on a tube of toothpaste. That was not the way the coupon was intended. Eventually companies will figure this out and withdrawal their coupons for that item.

2. Please do not sell your couponed items.  Donate unused items, teach someone how to coupon, or don’t buy what you won’t use. Cheating the system is wrong.

3. Do not buy insane amounts of items (Shelf clearers). If you have ever watched extreme couponing you know what I am talking about. People buying 100 packages of mustard or 1,000 tubes of toothpaste. That leaves nothing for the people who just want to buy one. If you have a large amount to buy call the store ahead of time, so you can buy the items without clearing the shelves.

4. Please get coupons in ethical ways. When you buy a paper out of a machine, take one and leave the rest. In my neighborhood, they actually stopped using those machines. Don’t dumpster dive, most recycling dumpsters help non profits and you are taking away that money. Start or join a coupon train where people trade coupons that way you don’t have to buy them either.

Any more tips you would add to this? Leave me a comment- I would love your feedback.

Thank you for sharing!

Couponing Ethics in Action!

Monday 8th of July 2013

[...] I first started this website I wrote a post on Couponing Ethics. My number one rule was do not misuse a coupon. Eventually companies will figure this out and [...]


Friday 11th of January 2013

I work at CVS and it is really frustrating when our "couponers" return items that they not only received extra bucks for but also used their coupons to pay for them and paid barely anything. They keep the extra bucks and then try to get the full amount refunded. The company caught onto the scam so we could only refund them what they paid. Once again they have managed to find their way around that obstacle and just claim they bought it without a receipt. It is really unfair because by being unethical they are ruining it for everyone else who follows the rules.


Friday 11th of January 2013

That is horrible! I have not returned anything I have received ECB's for yet. I hope people stop doing that. I love couponing and don't want to lose that privilege. I love my CVS cashiers. It is also not ethical to have more than 1 ECB card.