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Club Cool – New Flavors Review

Thank you for sharing!

Hello all, Dawn here to share my review of the new soda flavors being offered in Epcot at Club Cool. My husband was my main tester as I have a very weak stomach.  I tried a few but was not impressed by any, I’m not as brave as others. Here are our personal opinions of each drink. I encourage everyone to try them all yourselves at least one

time.Club Cool

Italy – The “Beverly”  oh my the horror!  It smells like 7-up soda, but tastes like penicillin! I say it is nasty, but others enjoyed it so to each his own.
Greece – “Fanta Pineapple” smells yummy just like a pineapple the best part is that it tastes like a pineapple!  My husband said he would drink this again because it was pretty good.
Thailand – “Fanta Melon Frosty” smells like cucumbers and tastes like apple and cucumber combination.  Not my cup of tea so I will not be trying this again.
Japan – “Vegitabeta” could not pinpoint smell but tasted like a very watered down orange Hi- c drink. Its ok for a change but I would not go buy a big cup of it personally.
South Africa – “Bibo DJ Kiwi Mango” smells like a kiwi and tastes like a kiwi and  watermelon mixed together. Drinkable and bearable if you like those flavors.
Zimbabwe – “Spar-letta Sparberry” smells fruity and tastes like a raspberry cream soda. Will definitely drink again was my husbands favorite.
Peru – “Inca Kola” strong sweet smell tastes like banana runts candy.  Good but very sweet.
Brazil – “Guarana Kuat”  smells like ginger ale soda but tastes like cough syrup!  Yuck never trying again.

So again these are our personal opinions and I think everyone should try them and judge for themselves.  I know it’s a stop my husband likes to make because they are FREE and on a hot day why not be spontaneous! I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed reporting it! Till next time ! – Dawn


Thank you for sharing!