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Homemade French Fried Onions

I grew up the with the traditional green bean casserole with the canned cream of mushroom soup, French’s French Fried onions, and canned green beans. Last year I kicked it up a bunch of notches like Emeril would say and made  EVERYTHING from scratch including the onions. Here is the recipe for them. I had …

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How to Brine a Turkey

Every year, my turkey gets brined. A brined turkey is juicier than regular baked turkeys. A brine is defined as water saturated with or containing large amounts of a salt, especially sodium chloride. My brine also has honey as I believe it compliments my maple roasted turkey. Here are the ingredients in my brine: 1 …

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Homemade Pretzels- So Yummy & Cheap to Make

I love homemade, from scratch food. I rarely buy frozen pretzels even if they are a really good deal at the store; I don’t find them as tasty as the mall pretzels. This homemade pretzel recipe hits the spot! Homemade Pretzel Recipe I discovered my second most used appliance (the breadmaker) way before I was …

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Yummy Mummy Hot Dogs | Halloween Dinner Idea

  Halloween can be such a hectic time. Even without kids my Halloween evening is filled with last minute costume mishaps, including runs to the store for missing items and candy. Take the stress out of planning Halloween dinner with these Mummy Hot dogs! These are very simple to make and since you don’t use …

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Freezer Meal- Chicken Chick Pea Pot Pie

This a favorite rotational freezer meal. Ingredients cream of chicken soup (I usually have homemade, but didn’t have any on hand) mixed veggies boneless/skinless chicken breasts seasonings of your choice pie crusts (I haven’t learned how to make my own yet, so store bought is what I use) milk diced onions chick peas 1. Bake …

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