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Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie Review

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Surprise, shock, excitement and action-packed; all words that come to mind when thinking about the latest Captain America movie. I have to say although I am a fan of Marvel I was not anticipating this movie, since I had become such a fan of The Avengers working together, I did not think that it could be topped, but I was wrong.

Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie Review

From the start of the movie to the very end you are captivated, with laughs, gasps and at some pints you do not even know how to react. I have to say that the writing in this movie was much better than the first Captain America which was great for its action. The Captain America Winter Soldier had much more entertainment factor the action kept your eyes captivated but the dialogue keeps you engaged.

The plot twist in this movie is completely shocking,, the new ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ties into this movie, I have not seen the show but will definitely start watching now. Captain America’s character has done an excellent job at adjusting to the life in the future and definitely gained a sense of humor along the way

Much of the witty banter that happens reminds me of Iron Man in some ways. I have to recommend this movie to ALL fans of the Marvel series.

During the movie just when you think there could be no more twists or shocks they hit you with another one. At the halfway point something so shocking happens I Was not sure how to react, whether I should gasp or cry. It was a phenomenal movie and I plan on going to see it again.

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But wait….. there is more.

As always Marvel throws a tie in scene at the end of the movie, so you have to stay after the first set of rolling credits and that is not all as always for the patient movie watcher you have to stay after the final rolling credits because there is a scene too that you may or may not see coming I couldn’t tell you because that would give away all the good stuff in the movie but I promise you this movie will not disappoint

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Tuesday 8th of April 2014

Wasn't sure I was going to see this one - Capt. America is my least favourite Avenger - but I'm loving Agents of SHIELD so I guess I'll need to watch this movie now.

Dropping by from the A-Z Challenge ;)