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Candy Aisle Crafts Book Review

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own. 523251e6e9733dd34b340c4a5c1463ce

Book Author(s): Jodi Levine
Book Genre: Crafts & Hobbies – Decorating
Number of Pages:105
Publisher: Crown Publishing
ASIN: 978-0-8041-3791-1
My Rating:  4.5 /5 Stars

Book Summary

Candy Aisle Crafts is a great book about how to make crafts out of candy.  The book is broke into four categories of candies.

  1. Hard Candy
  2. Gummy Candy
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Cookies and cereal

The Foreword is written by Martha Stewart.

The book is full of pictures and has also pictures of how to use the things you are making.

My Thoughts

This book has many different items to make, my favorite and which section they came out of are listed below:

Hard Candy

  1. Triangle Tree Pops
  2. Boo and Spider Cake Topper
  3. Peppermint Bowls

Gummy Candy

  1. Necco Gumdrop Flowers
  2. Frog on Lily Pads


  1. Monogrammed Hot Chocolate
  2. Snowy Tree Cupcakes

Cookies and cereal

  1. Cookie Castle Cake (look like a great Christmas project)
  2. Easy Cookie Flowers
  3. Cookie Planets (Good homeschool or science project)
  4. Cookie Houses

I most of my favorite projects where from the Cookies and cereal section of the book.  Although the first one I am going to do is the peppermint Bowl.  I think this will be good for a bake fair that I am participating in later on in the month.  I plan on doing each of the above projects and blogging on each one.  This would be a great book to do project with your children.  Mine are older but I plan on trying to get them involved.  It is a little too geared for kids for me.  The projects were more for kids then I originally thought but I think I will have fun working on them also.  Overall it was a good book and I would recommend it to my friends with younger kids.

About the Author

JODI LEVINE is a lifelong crafter. In her nineteen years on Martha Stewart’s staff, she held the roles of craft editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine, editorial director of Martha Stewart Kidsmagazine, and product designer for Martha Stewart’s popular line of crafts. Jodi is a frequent guest on NBC’s Today and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their two sons.


Thank you for sharing!