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Buzz Lightyear Disneybound | Disneybounding to Infinity and Beyond

Thank you for sharing!

I have a confession to make, I love Disney Bounding! But even more so I love Dapper Disney Bounding. So for my first visit to Toy Story Land, I took the opportunity to create a Buzz Lightyear DisneyBound taking my Disney Bounding to infinity and beyond.

Buzz Lightyear Disney bound
To Infinity and Beyond, Bounding as Buzz Lightyear at Hollywood Studios

Buzz Lightyear Disneybound

Disneybound Using What You Own

The best part if when you can Bound from what you have in your own closet with just the addition of some accessories. With Buzz Lightyear it was simple to do this. I had the white dress from a “White Dress Challenge” ready to go. Plus I keep all the sizable pieces of felt from other crafts in a box so voila it was simply a matter of putting it together.

Ever the Dapper Buzz

Disneybounding Accessories Are Key

Updating the dress was the easy part, I added some lime green felt a few safety pins and a red hair clip. But I decided to decorate a cloth messenger bag that has been sitting in my craft box for the full Buzz effect. I made the front of the messenger bag look like the chest of Buzz’s space suit using felt and buttons. And by chance that day I was at Home Depot and picked up some red and white reflective safety tape to match the tops of Buzz’s wings.

Finally, I used the leftover felt to create a Fascinator and my Buzz Bound was ready. Or so I thought, a very clever friend added the true finishing touches of fingerless gloves that matched Buzz’s gloves.

Just one of Andy’s Toys

Meeting the Characters

Of course one of the best parts of Disney Bounding is meeting the characters you’re bounding as and anyone else from their movie or show. This made my visit to Toy Story Land perfect!

Buzz’s reaction made every stick of the needle into my finger from sewing worthwhile! We made the perfect couple.

Buzz loved my bag
Buzz hugging Buzz!
Meeting Buzz

Seeing Jessie and Woody was great too. Woody loved my gloves and wanted me to shoot lasers from them and Jessie loved that I looked like Buzz and wanted me to dance the Salsa with her. she also loved that Buzz signed my bag, I have to admit I did too!

Jessie, Buzz and Woody
Jessie loved my bag

Until Next Time, You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I had so much fun Bounding as Buzz I will definitely be doing that again, but I was inspired by Toy Story Land so look for me at Dapper Day because you might just have “a friend in me.”

A clue for my next bound!
Buzz Lightyear Disneybound

Thank you for sharing!

Becky @ Disney in your Day

Friday 28th of September 2018

Those photos with Buzz are fantastic! What a great outfit!