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Book Review- A Dog’s Purpose

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I saw A Dog’s Purpose at the library and immediately knew I had to read it. On the cover is a black lab with a thought bubble over its head. Since I own a lab mix puppy I was immediately intrigued and the book did not let me down.  My husband even read it and woke me up in the middle of the night bawling his eyes out because of the ending.  ***spoiler alert***


A Dog’s Purpose

The premise of the book is a dog reincarnating into other dogs until he finds his purpose. The first few chapters are pretty sad as his first dog experience is as a feral puppy who gets picked up by what I believe is a dog hoarder (my husband disagrees with me) and then when the authorities come to get all the dogs he gets put asleep.

The dog wakes up as a puppy again (golden retriever) and gets adopted by a family and watches a boy grow up. He realizes his purpose is to make the boy happy and safe. Heartwarming antidotes are throughout. The dog then dies of old age.

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The third reincarnation is a surprise as he comes back as a female German Shepard and ends p working as a police dog doing search and rescue. He finds his purpose again is to help people and make them happy. When she dies, she doesn’t think she would reincarnate again.

But he came back again as a black lab. At first he is abused and then he is abandoned in the middle of nowhere but he remembers the smells and realizes he is back at the farm where the boy spent the summers. He finds the house and the man is old and doesn’t want a stray because of course he doesn’t know it is his childhood dog reincarnated. He takes the dog to the shelter. When they call him to notify him that they found him a home the boy changes his mind and decides to keep him. I won’t spoil the end but it is a tear-jerker.

This is a book that will have you laughing, crying, and appreciating your furbabies a little more.

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