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10 Facts about Anna from Frozen

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While I love Queen Elsa, I think I relate a bit more to Anna. Anna in Disney’s Frozen is the friend we all want. She is one of the first Disney Princesses to have weaknesses and a personality real girls can relate to.

Anna from Frozen

 10 Fun Facts about Anna

1. Anna is loosely based on Gerda from “The Snow Queen”. The story is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s longest and most highly acclaimed fairytale stories. Disney changed many elements of the story to make Frozen. Just like in “The Snow Queen”, Anna’s love saves the day.

2. Anna is the only character in the movie that had faith that Elsa was no monster. Of course, I hope we all knew that as well. This is also the same as in “The Snow Queen”. In that story, Gerda is the only one that believes Kai is still a good person.

3. Her hair color is strawberry-blonde. Well, except for that white streak.

4. Her winter outfit is an item of traditional Norwegian clothing called Bunad.

5. Anna’s name is pronounced as “Ah-na”, as she is Norwegian.

6. Anna is so far the only Disney Princess to share a duet with the villain.

7. It is unknown as to how Anna paid for the items she bought from Trader Oaken since it is unlikely that she had carried money with her. However, it is possible that she sold off her green dress to pay for the items she bought, which is supported by the fact that her ballroom dress hasn’t been seen since.

8. Anna’s personality is awkward and clumsy. I like that. Being a princess doesn’t mean being perfect no matter what the Princess Diaries want us to believe.

9. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are in the new Festival of Fantasy parade at the Magic Kingdom.

10. Anna wakes up in the morning like a normal person, not all put together and happy like Cinderella.

What do you like best about Anna? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for sharing!