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Meet the Heroes of Big Hero 6

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“Can you feel it? You guys, do you feel this? Our origin story begins. We’re gonna be superheroes!” Fred, one of the characters in Big Hero 6, spoke that line shortly after one of their first entanglements with the villain of the movie. Big Hero 6 is a story about loss, forgiveness, friendship, and doing the right thing. So, who are the heroes of Big Hero 6? The heroes are everyday students with faults and strengths just like us striving to right the wrongs in our world. In this post I am going to share what the movie is about, who the characters are, take away life lessons from the movie, and some Disney Easter Eggs and some fun facts.

What is Big Hero 6 About?

Just a warning. If you have never seen this movie before, this post has spoilers.

The movie is inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name. I have not read the comics but I am assuming there are some differences between the two as written material and films never turn out the same.

The story starts off with Hiro, a 14-year-old genius, robot fighting for money. His brother, Tadashi, encourages him to give up the dangerous bot fighting and use his genius smarts for the greater good by attending University. Hiro is not convinced at first but then meets Tadashi’s friends, who make science cool and starts to change his mind. Tadashi then shows Hiro what he has been working on while at school and reveals Baymax. Baymax is a robotic, squishy inflatable personal healthcare provider.

After the Technology Fair Hiro competed in with his microbots to gain acceptance to the University, his brother died in a University fire trying to save Professor Callahan.

Hiro soon learns that someone stole his microbots and was manufacturing them. Along with Baymax, Hiro finds the warehouse and a masked man behind the theft. Hiro filled with anger and sadness from his brother’s death wants revenge on the man he blames for the tragedy. Hiro makes “upgrades” to Baymax, allowing Baymax to learn karate and hurt others.

The problem is that Tadashi didn’t make Baymax to fight but to heal. You will laugh out loud as Hiro makes Baymax ready to fight this villain. Not only does Baymax help in the fight, but also Tadashi’s friends and they become Big Hero 6. Each of the characters is fully developed and you can relate to each one.

Who Are The Big Hero 6 Heroes?


Hiro is the youngest being just 14. He has suffered through the loss of his parents when he was just 3 and his brother at 14. He is confident which at times is a great thing and also a bad thing when he brushes off good advice. He lives with his Aunt Cass and continues working on Baymax to make him not only the best personal healthcare companion but also a superhero.

Go Go

Go Go is a bold, confident Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering student. Out of everyone in the group she is laid back and a little bit of a loner. Inside the tough exterior is the best friend a person can have.

Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon is a bubbly chemistry major. She is a little bit timid, super friendly, and is very girly in her appearance compared to Go Go. She usually is the voice of reason in the group.


Wasabi, who got his name for getting wasabi on his shirt, is a little neat freak in his appearance and surrounding. Everything has a place according to him. He is a stickler for traffic laws and safety. He likes having a plan but in the end, performs well under pressure.


Fred is not a science student like the others. He is the school mascot and a science and superhero enthusiast. His ideas are somewhat goofy but he has a huge heart to make up for his ideas. Fred’s father is portrayed by Stan Lee.


Baymax is Tadashi’s creation under the care of Hiro. He protects the gang while also helping them fight the bad guys. He is so lovable and says the cutest things.

I give Big Hero 6 5/5 Stars.

Big Hero 6 Official Trailer

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People loved Big Hero 6 so much, Disney XD gave them a show Big Hero 6: The Series. I love the show even as an adult.

If you have seen Big Hero 6, what do you think about the movie? Let me know in the comments!

Post originally posted November 7th, 2014.

Meet the heroes of Big Hero 6

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