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A Tale as Old as Time | Beauty & The Beast Themed Date

Thank you for sharing!

Looking for a date night fit for a princess? This Beauty & the Beast themed date night is perfect for you!   I love the story and the beautiful animation in the movie and am excited about the live action release March 2017. In this date, you don’t necessarily have time to watch the movie unless that is a priority to you.  Since reading is Belle’s favorite pastime, this date is book themed. It is a totally FREE date and the meal cost pennies if you make it homemade.Beauty & The Beast Movie Date Night

Beauty & The Beast Movie Date Night

The menu:

The date is a bookstore date, but you could also go to a library. I got the original idea from The Dating Divas! Check out their site. It is awesome!! I switched up some of their tasks for ones I know me and my husband would enjoy.

#1 – Visit the COOKING section & chose a recipe that you would like to try. This could possibly turn into another date night. My husband and I love trying out new recipes to try

#2 – Visit the MAGAZINE section & find a dream house, dream car, and dream “toy” to share with each other. I know with Pinterest can you do this electronically, but go old school and look through magazines.dream toysfinal

#3 – Visit the CHILDREN’S section & find a book that was a favorite when you were a child or that holds a special memory for you…and read them to each other when you meet back up. I read Pamela Purse, Ladies First from A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein! I loved Shel Silverstein, but liked Light int he Attic more than Where the Sidewalk Ends.

#4 – Visit the JOKE section and pick out a funny joke to share with your spouse. We ended up having a hard time with this one, many of the joke books are vulgar. We still found a couple books, but there were not many clean ones to choose from.

#5 – Visit the TRAVEL section and find a picture or information on a place you would like to visit someday. You can now travel anywhere with Disney with Adventures by Disney. I was so excited when I learned about that during the Christmas day parade. My husband was a fuddy duddy on this one. He said he wants to go to Disney World only- so he didn’t grab a book. I did though, and it wasn’t WDW. IMAG0480

#6 – Visit the HISTORY section and find a person you admire and find 5 facts about that person you did not know to share. My husband and I are kind of geeks and love random facts.IMAG0479

#7 – Visit the RELIGION section and pick out an inspiring devotional to share. It was pretty cool to do a devotional during our date. Belle inspired the Beast to learn to read and to love. Find something to read that inspire both of you to reach for more.

We ended up spending about 2 hours at the bookstore. If Books a Million would have had comfortable seating we would have stayed longer. The only seats available were about 4 benches in the back near the magazines. Also, a loud group of teens decided they would hang out there too, so it got rather unromantic very fast.

We went home and had a candlelit dinner and my husband put on some romantic music. It was such a lovely time. I felt like a princess. My husband has that affect on me. I am loved!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Trailer (2017)

How do you put Disney Magic into your life?

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Thank you for sharing!

Bee Tree Studios

Wednesday 24th of July 2013

Love the RV magazine, I was surprised at how many Toy Haulers we saw at the Fort in May! =) This is such a cute date idea (I'm a nerd too and love it!). Found you through I Am Meg's post today and I'm so happy she shared your site!


Georgie Lee

Tuesday 30th of April 2013

Cute idea for a date night. We'll have to try it. Thanks! Found you through the Smile With Us blog hop.


Monday 29th of April 2013

Following you now from Smile with Us Mondays! :) Would you be willing to join in on this project with us? Check it out...

<3 Amanda*


Sunday 28th of April 2013

that's sweet i bet you had fun and enjoyed that place

Melinda Dunne

Sunday 28th of April 2013

That is a really creative idea for date night! I think it is really important to find things fun and exciting to keep romance alive. I really like all your tips. I will have to get it a try. As for Disney we are planning a trip at the end of the year to go to Disney World.