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Am I too old to runDisney?

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I am not old, but sometimes I think I am a little crazy for starting up a new hobby like running. A lot of people think, “Am I too old to runDisney?”. Just like the Disney Parks, runDisney is for people of all ages! They have races just for children and the regular races have no age limit. If you have the will power and heart all your running dreams can come true!  Ronnie Nitka ran the 5k this year at the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Cigna sent   Ronnie to the Walt Disney World Weekend Event, an annual 4-day event that combines family, fun and physical activity, to be an ambassador for the Enhance Fitness program.

My quick weight loss update before I share Ronnie’s story. This month I have lost 5 more pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 10 pounds. I did not use my Fitbit tracker much but I walked at least 3 times each week for a mile each time. I will be increasing distance to 2 miles this month and starting the Cto5K training program.

Am I too old to runDisney

Am I too old to runDisney?

Ronnie Nitka, 72 years young from Philadelphia, PA., attributes her good health and ability to live life the fullest to the Enhance Fitness program at her local YMCA.

“When I retired ten years ago, I started going to the Y five days a week. When Enhance Fitness was introduced this year, this was the first class that had everything for me. I sleep better, I’m stronger and have improved my balance. People ask me if I’ve lost weight. I know I’ve toned up and feel great!”

Through the Enhance Fitness program, which is tailored for older adults and individual’s specific needs,Ronnie has built up her strength and stamina which enables her to carry her own groceries, take care of all her housework, and continue traveling internationally—one of her greatest joys in life.

By getting the doctor-recommended aerobic exercise and strength-training in her Enhance Fitness class,Ronnie is also able to successfully manage two health issues—a diagnosis of slight osteopenia in her left hip and a heart condition.

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“The biggest joy for me is when I vacation abroad, I can keep pace with the younger people during all the tours. I attribute this to Enhance Fitness. I can walk the uneven cobblestones of Spain with ease because of Enhance Fitness. We add light weights to our ankles which builds leg strength.”

The Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA is one of two YMCA’s in the US to launch the Enhance Fitness program this year as a result of a Cigna Foundation World of Difference grant. The classes are specially tailored to support health and well being for older adults. This isn’t one-size-fits-all. Members are encouraged to participate at their level, and the instructors are trained to know how to support individual members’ ability levels and meet them where they are.

“We’re all different, some are in wheelchairs, some are blind, some may be recovering from surgery, but the instructors are great because they tailor the class to where you are and what you need.”

Like many Americans, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer run in Ronnie’s family. But Ronnie decided her destiny will be different than her parents’ who both had heart attacks at age 50.

This January, Ronnie participated on Team Cigna in the 5K at the Walt Disney World Marathon. As part of Cigna’s commitment to the health and well being of people at every stage and phase of life, Cigna sent Ronnie to the Walt Disney World Weekend Event, an annual 4-day event that combines family, fun and physical activity, to be an ambassador for the Enhance Fitness program.

“I celebrate every day of my retirement doing the things I love! Like traveling to Walt Disney World and walking in the 5K. This will be my third walk, and I’m going knowing that I can keep up with everyone and have a great time with my family who will be joining me there.”

So, what is stopping you from signing up for a runDisney event?

Photo Credit: Flickr Loren Javier (text added)

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