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40+ Activities to Countdown Your Disney Vacation

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Today I am sharing with you fun family activities to countdown your Disney vacation including free printable activities, Disney themed crafts, Disney movie night ideas, and more.

I don’t know about you but going on a Disney vacation is met with lots of excitable energy. The anticipation can be a lot so I tend to find activities to do to help pass the time.

Disney Vacation Countdown Activities

Fun Family Activities to Countdown Your Disney Vacation

1. Have a Disney Breakfast, make Mickey pancakes.

2. Have a Very Merry UnBirthday Party. Make it complete with a couple of party games, cake, and ice cream.

3. Make a Countdown Chain. You can take ideas from list and write them on the inside of the chain to do during the countdown.

4. Make a Disney Savings Jar. Decorate a plastic or glass jar with stickers.

Disney Savings Jar

5. Have a Disney Princess Tea Party with your favorite tea and cookies.

6. Make some Mickey-shaped cookies and have a cookie decorating party

7. Plan your daily schedules to the Disney Theme Parks

8. Play this Free Printable Frozen Memory Game.

9. Color pictures of your favorite Disney Characters

10. Watch Out for Tick Tock! For this fun game, you’ll need a kitchen timer. The kind you turn and it ticks until the timer goes off then it RRRRings. To play the game simply set the timer for one or two minutes and hide it around your playing area. Your pirate crew must find it before it goes off. The first person to hide it can be the next to hide it.

11. Read the Kingdom Keepers Series. For older kids or teens, purchase the fun book called Kingdom Keepers about the Magic Kingdom and the other theme parks after dark

12. Watch Disney World Ride Videos. Don’t watch too many so some are surprises but watch ones your children may be scared of.

13. Check out Disney Junior online – lots of activities for kids

14. Have a Pirate Dinner with a scavenger hunt to hunt for clues and exciting details about your upcoming visit to Disney World.

15. Read Disney Storybooks. Get some Disney books from your local book store or library and read a new Disney book every night (the week before your trip)

16. Learn to Draw a Disney Character. Learn to Draw Bambi with this free Printable. Both the Art of Animation Resort and the Animal Kingdom offer a free class to draw an animated character.

17. Learn about World Showcase Countries. Color flags from each county of the World Showcase. Read library books about each country. You can spend 11 days of your countdown getting kids excited about exploring Epcot!

18. Get a Dress Up Outfit. Go online to Disney Store or Mom Approved Costumes and purchase a Disney Princess dress for your little one (at a less expensive price that Disney World dresses) to wear to meet her favorite Princess. For boys, you can buy pirate costumes to meet Captain Jack Sparrow at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

19. Put together a road-trip survival kit. Print Disney coloring pages and travel bingo games from the web. Don’t forget your favorite pillow and blanket to make the ride even more comfortable.

20. Decorate Mousekeeping envelopes. Lots of people leave tips for the Disney housekeeping staff and decorate cute envelopes to put the tips in.

21. Have a Disney family board game night. Looking for a great game? Here are my favorites.

22. Make a No-Sew Disney Blanket. Make a knotted throw blanket with your favorite Disney Character fabric to take for the road trip

23. Design a Safety Bracelet. Make phone number bracelets to wear during the vacation. These are a great way for Cast Members to call you if your child gets lost.

24. Get Ready to Explore The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Go to the Library and get books on sea life. Come up with some questions to ask Crush during Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot.

25. Mickey on the Shelf. Most families are familiar with “Elf on a Shelf”, who helps build excitement at Christmas time. A few weeks before your vacation grab a small Mickey plush and start hiding him in various silly locations around the house. If you run out of creative hiding places, just do a search online for the Elf.

26. Decorate Shirts and/or Water Bottles.

27. Early Tinker Bell Surprises. A week before your trip, fill a paper bag with a Disney goody such as stickers, autograph books, penny bags for the penny-press, spending money, etc. Staple each bag and number the bag. Let the kids open a bag a day until you leave.

28. Print off a calendar representing 30 days before your trip. Let the kids place a sticker on each day until the day you leave.

29. Find hidden mickeys around the house. Cut out Mickey Heads from clipart found online and then hide them around the house.

30. Encourage your child to walk more before the trip. Take a family walk together at a park.

31. Write a Letter to a Disney Princess or Mickey and His Gang. Did you know you can mail a letter to Disneyland or Walt Disney World and you will get a reply back?

How fun would it be to receive a postcard in the mail from your favorite Disney pals? Make sure to write your return address clearly in the letter to ensure your reply will find its way to your home. 

For Disney World:

Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040 
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040  

32. Bounce Like Tigger. Sometimes kids need to get their wiggles out. See how many times you can bounce up and down like Tigger. Who can do it the longest?

33. Do a Disney Puzzle. Put together a Disney puzzle as a family for some quality time of Disney magic at home.

34. Make a Disney inspired slime. There are so many recipes for this on Pinterest.

35. Play Disney charades.

35. Act out a scene from your favorite Princess story.

36. Have a Star Wars Movie Night with some neat Star Wars-themed foods and coloring sheets.

37. Create a Finding Dory Mobile to hang in your room with this free printable.

38. Play freeze dance with Disney music.

39. Make a Disney playlist for the car to enjoy before the trip.

40. Race like Lightning McQueen. With this free printable you can race through a course just like Lightning does!

41. Hidden Mickey Button Countdown Craft. If you have a stash of buttons laying around, this east DIY is calling your name!

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