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Ace Cafe Orlando Review | Speed, Thrills, Great Food

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary VIP tasting experience in exchange for my honest review of the Ace Cafe Orlando. All opinions are my own. 

Ace Cafe Orlando, the first North American location of the celebrated London-based motor-diner and the sixth Ace Cafe in the world, rolls its doors opened May 2017. The 35,000-square-foot dining, entertainment, and retail destination makes its’ home in downtown Orlando. I was excited to be invited to the tasting and to share with you all the Ace Cafe has to offer. The Ace Cafe is more than just a restaurant and is truly a hang out for all who love great cars, bikes, good music, and the motor life!

Much larger than its London namesake, Ace Cafe Orlando spans two floors and features a full-service restaurant, two kitchens, four bars, a coffee bar, a communal counter, a mezzanine that overlooks the main floor dining area and stage, and private and semi-private spaces for groups both large and small.

Ace Cafe Orlando History

The Ace Cafe has a rich history and I was able to learn about it at the tasting. Ace Cafe was originally for Cafe Racers. Bikers stripped their bikes down to the things just needed to make them run. They got rid of all the weight of the bikes so they could race their bikes from cafe to cafe. You can read more about the Ace Cafe history on their website.

The building for the Ace Cafe here in Orlando has a rich history and it is evident in the architecture of the building. The Ace Cafe restored as much as they could from the original building. You can see the love the owners have for the auto/biking industry and to the Downtown Orlando area.

Ace Cafe Eats

The Ace Cafe Orlando has a delicious menu and offers a brunch buffet on Sunday and a wonderful lunch and dinner menu. They open up at 7 in the morning and they have a coffee bar that has a great selection of coffee drinks and simple breakfast pastries. During the tasting, my husband actually wanted an iced coffee so he ventured to the coffee bar and bought one and I thought it was really good!

During the VIP tasting, I was able to try out several of their lunch and dinner selections including a few drinks and desserts. You can check out the full menu on the Ace Cafe Website.

Smokey Mahogany Wings

The wings were my favorite item of the tasting. They were sweet like candy with a slightly caramelized skin. These chicken wings are not spicy, so if you are looking for a “hot” wing these won’t match what you are looking for. I could probably eat an order of these by myself because they were so tasty! 

Buffalo Empanadas

The Buffalo Chicken Empanadas are served piping hot so be careful when biting into one. The flavor is spicy but not too hot, which is good since I am not a huge fan of super spicy food. The crust is flaky, crispy, and not greasy. What I liked best about this dish is the creaminess of the chicken mixture. 

Rumble Fish Tacos

I sampled the blackened version of these Rumble Fish Tacos. These tacos were very good and I am not a fish fan so that is saying a lot. The pineapple salsa has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor that gives this taco a great taste. The cilantro sour cream was very good and is the perfect finishing touch to this taco.

Beer- Braised Chicken Nachos

These loaded nachos are amazing! The menu description reads “Slow-cooked, Yuengling Amber Beer-Braised, fall-apart Chicken, Pico De Gallo, Black Beans, Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese & Cheese Sauce on a mound of freshly-made crispy Tortilla Chips. Served with Sour Cream”. Yes, they taste as amazing as they sound! These were put out for all of us bloggers and media people to try and well, let’s just say that the trays were emptied pretty quickly, lol.

Ace Cafe Super Food Salad

The Super Foos Salad is really good. It has power greens such as kale, micro sprouts, Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados & candied pecans tossed with citrus vinaigrette. The sweet house-made vinaigrette and the candied pecans balance out the bitter in the greens.

So-Cal Turkey Burger

The turkey burger is nicely seasoned with herbs, spices, and salsa giving it a great flavor! It is topped with salsa, pepperoncinis, spinach, sliced pickles, avocado, & Pepper Jack cheese.

Pastrami Reuben Melt

Bat Outta Hell Meatloaf

The star of this dish the is the tomato bacon jam! Oh my word, such a great treat!!! When I go back I will order this dish and ask for them to put the gravy on the side so I can drown my meatloaf in the tomato bacon jam. The meatloaf is pretty basic and the bacon wrapped around it is a good touch. The potatoes were nicely done and gravy is pretty good.  

George’s Fish & Chips

Personally, I am not a huge fish eater. When I do eat fish I eat milder flavored fish. I just say this to let you know I am not a fish tasting aficionado. I really liked this fish, it was flaky and had a nice subtle flavor. The breading was crisp and not overly greasy. The steak fries were nice and came out really hot and had a nice crisp to them. 

Creamy Cheesecake

Overall, I thought most of the desserts were okay but not spectacular. The cheesecake was really creamy. The freshly made berry compote was nicely done because it was sweet but not too sweet. 

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

The cinnamon bread pudding dessert is pretty massive and could easily serve 2-3 people. My sample did not come with the ice cream, just the bread pudding. I liked the flavor of it, but the texture was not that of a regular bread pudding, it was a bit firmer. I think having the salted caramel ice cream on top would make it a spectacular dessert!

Chocolate Brownie Cake

The chocolate brownie cake is very decadent and a little too sweet for my taste. My sample did not come with the house-made raspberry mousse and I bet that it is a great addition to the brownie.

Ketel One Mule

Ketel One Vodka, freshly-squeezed Lime Juice & House-Made Ginger Beer. Surprisingly, I liked this drink. I am NOT a beer drinker at all and this drink has hints of the beer taste but it is not overwhelming the drink. You taste the ginger more than the hops and then the vodka and lime.

Ace Cafe Entertainment

The Ace Cafe Orlando has live music every weekend. You can check out the entertainment calendar on their website. My tasting was on a Tuesday and as we were leaving a Dueling Piano pair was beginning to play.

There are bike nights every Thursday, Hot Rod nights, Trike nights, Ford Nights and so much more. Almost every night has an event going on. Be sure to check out the event meetup calendar.

Ace Cafe Orlando Shopping

Rounding out the offerings inside the Ace are: Rockers Speed Shop (selling official branded Ace apparel); a BMW motorcycle dealer; Dainese D-Store; EagleRider motorcycle rental company, and Stonebridge Motor Gallery, selling an ever-changing line-up of original motorsports and rock ’n roll-inspired artwork, photography, sculptures, and memorabilia, as well as collectable vintage and rare, one-off custom motorcycles.

I really liked the Ace Cafe Orlando and will be going there again to taste more of the menu and to go to a few car shows.

Will you be visiting the Ace Cafe on your next visit to Orlando?

Ace Cafe Orlando

Thank you for sharing!

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