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Abigail Spencer Interview | Abigail Shares about Timeless & Motherhood

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation in partnership with Role Mommy Writer’s Network about NBC’s Timeless where I had the opportunity to participate in an Abigail Spencer Interview. All opinions are my own.

Have you seen NBC’s Timeless yet? It is a really great show, check out why I am going to be tuning in every Monday to see where and when the heroes travel next. One of the amazing opportunities I had with this Timeless promotion is to participate in a phone interview with Abigail Spencer. Abigail Spencer is Lucy Preston on the show.

Abigail Spencer Interview

Who is Abigail Spencer?

A talented actress, writer and producer on both the big and small screen, Abigail Spencer is quickly making a name for herself in Hollywood.

Spencer just wrapped production on Rectify, now in its fourth and final season.  Spencer’s portrayal of Amantha Holden garnered rave reviews and a Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress in a Drama in 2013. Spencer also guest starred as Gena Brune in the second season of True Detective.

Spencer can next be seen in The Sweet Life starring opposite Chris Messina, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2016. She also stars in the indie film A Beautiful Now, which also premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2015. Her other big screen credits include: The Forger, Oz the Great and Powerful, This Is Where I Leave You, Chasing Mavericks, Kilimanjaro, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, This Means War and Cowboys and Aliens

Previous television credits include multi-episode arcs on Suits, Mad Men, Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV, as well as the cult comedy Burning Love.

Abigail Spencer Interview

Several different bloggers and myself each got to ask Abigail a question. It was a fun phone interview and Abigail Spencer is such a neat, down to earth person. I am so happy her career is doing so well, she deserves it! I am sharing some of my favorite questions and answers.

 How do you like working on a show that has time travel to see different times? Would it be bad if I said I love it from a fashion perspective? What am I going to wear in the next era? What are we going to do with my hair and makeup in the next time period? I love it! I will say it is amazing because we are making a brand new movie every single week and it is cool. I mean as a little girl who played with paper dolls and with Barbies and it’s like I get to fulfill all of my little girl dreams by going to every single different era. It’s just been so fun to create all of those looks. And also represent women in that time, you know really kind of use Lucy as a way to represent a current woman going back in history has been really good and really challenging.timeless-time-machine

What was your favorite scene from episode 1?  Through so many great moments. I love when we were at the airfield where at the one 1937 airfield we have a gorgeous,real plane from that era. It was beautiful! And work and all the extras and all of us are decked out in our 1937 era clothing. There’s this little moment where he leaves he they kind of all split up and Lucy is following Flynn and she’s kind of hiding behind an airplane and she is a historian and she’s a normal person doesn’t know what she’s doing you know and she like a spy. When we were shooting it, I turned around and almost hit my head on the side of the airplane on the wing and they got it on camera and we just we were like That’s it, that’s her!  So I just love that little moment of you know almost literally seeing into the airplane and of course that’s what Lucy would do because she’s not a professional spy. She’s a teacher.

What period of time would you personally like to travel back to? You mean besides the Garden of Eden, where I would be like, “Eve, Don’t eat that apple.”  You know I’m super into the forty’s right now. I love old Hollywood and old movies in the and the time in fashion from that era. I just think that would be such a cool time to revisit from from a movie standpoint. You know Katharine Hepburn on the scene coming into her heyday. And the start of some of I think some of the greatest movies and movie musicals ever made. You know just the the nerd in me who grew up watching Summer Stock, Funny Girl, Bringing Up Baby, and Philadelphia Story is just like. How did they do that? How did they make those movies? They were so funny and the scripts are so good.  I’m just so curious about how it all came together.

What is the most challenging part of the job?   I think the most challenging thing is on a personal standpoint. I’m a mom. I have a little eight year old boy and he is in school during the week and I shoot during the week. So it’s been just really challenging being apart while I have to shoot and then coming in town on the weekends and I’m so grateful for technology. His teacher has this app called Class Dojo. I mean it’s totally changed my life and I can see photos of him every day from school and see the rating that he’s going class and like you know how he’s doing. She keeps it updated and he can see it too. It’s just hard it’s hard being a working mom. Probably one of the most challenging things, I mean there are a lot of challenging things about it. We’re making a new movie every week we have brand new costumes, make up and making it period correct, and also entertaining. Cinema is always really challenging, but I think the hardest part is being away from my little boy.

Where have you filming Timeless?  I’m based out of Los Angeles. But I’ve been on a show for four years called Rectify that shot outside of Atlanta and we’re shooting the Timeless series up in Vancouver. No one shoots in LA anymore and that’s the tough part. Every job that I take that potentially takes me away from my son. I really have to believe that it’s a great thing not only for me, and for him, but for the world. I want to show my son that it’s important to go after your dreams. That’s what my parents showed me. My dad was a professional surfer. He loved surfing. My family owned Surf Shop on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  He showed me if you love what you do, you can make a whole life of it. I really want my son to know that you can really go after what you love and make a whole life of it.  Finding a balance of being a mom and working, it’s one day at a time like that and yet all the time being in really good communication and being gentle with yourself.

Were you into history before this show, has the show made you more interested in history? I was interested in history. I would say my father was a history buff, he was a professional surfer who failed his senior year because he missed too many days in school because he went surfing every day. He made up for his lack of schooling by reading a lot and then he read a lot of history books so I was surrounded  it. We watched a lot of documentaries and lot of biography shows on the History Channel. I wouldn’t call myself a history buff, but I’m very curious. Always one of my favorite subjects in school. You know history covers the gamut really is just like where did we come from.  What I love about being an actor is you get to preserve history in some form or fashion, you can preserve this period of time by putting it on film.  I’ve learned so much being a part of the show, it really has given me a lot more profound respect for where we come from and also a little bit more of a discerning ear and I when looking and thinking and talking about history because I think there’s always so much more to the circus.

What would you like the audience to get out of watching Timeless? What I hope is that families could watch together and learn something together. I think what’s interesting to me about television is that it brings people together. You all invest in something together and I believe in that. I believe that’s why television was created to come together and having a mutual experience. We go to the movies to have a shared experience and I wanted to be a part of something that I felt had a spin on that,but also like you secretly learn something while you’re watching it. It spans a large age range, my son loves it but also my mom loves it and she’s in her sixty’s. Personally for me with Lucy I just want to be a woman on television for young women and young girls to look up to who leads with her intelligence. You know with Lucy,smarts are her superpower. And I think that’s really cool and we need more of that on T.V. and also she’s not attached. She’s not the love interest, she’s not the wife, she’s not the girlfriend. Lucy is her own person and I think it’s a really cool. Our greatest dream in life is if they start showing Timeless in the schools, because you were actually learning history lessons like that would be like our job is done, we did it!

Who is your heroine? My mom. My mom is a teacher. My mother is very intelligent. My mother’s a little goofy. She played seven different instruments and then she taught music and taught at school as a substitute teacher when I started going to school and I really look up to her. My father respected my mother tremendously. Everything else will fade away but, having a personality and and using your smarts that won’t fade. She took me to dance class she took me to singing lessons she drove me to everything that you know every talent thing that I ever did. So I’m I’m very grateful to her.

What is your favorite costume on Timeless and your least favorite? Well my favorite was probably the one 1940’s episode. I loved that! Least favorite was the 1754 corset, it was so tight!

Other Timeless sneak peaks? One of the very first rules of Time Travel on our show is that you can never go to you can’t go back to the same period twice you can’t go to where you existed before. So that’s kind of like you know that’s rule number one so that means that will never go back to the back half. Yeah we’re not going back to that event or that you know particular period of time but yeah absolutely. In episode 2, we go to the night where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  Then after that we go to 1962 to a D.N.C. fundraiser and you get a taste of the Rat Pack and J.F.K. which is pretty cool.  Then after that we go to 1944 Germany and then the Alamo. We also visit the French &  Indian war. Timeless is also going to go the the moon landing and Watergate. It’s cool! We’ve got a lot to look forward to but what I love about each episode is that we’re learning something that you didn’t know actually happened.

I really enjoyed participating in the Abigail Spencer Interview. I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek into Abigail Spencer’s life.

Thank you for sharing!