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A Few of My Favorite Things- Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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I was so excited to be able to attend my first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. I had so much fun, even though I had to go solo. My DH had to work. I spent the whole day at the Magic Kingdom. Here are my favorite things from the MNSSHP. These are in no particular order, as all parts are equally awesome! I don’t have that many pictures as my camera and phone had technical problems.  I wish I had more to share!

  • The Villains Mix and Mingle: This is the opening stage show in front of the castle. A catchy dance number sets the tune and then the villains come out as if they are strutting the catwalk. I just loved the way the evil queen from Snow White and Maleficent walked out. They walked out as if they owned the castle. I felt as if I was watching America’s Top Model- Disney Villains edition. After the performance the villains came down for a VERY short time for meet & greets. I was able to get my picture with the Evil Queen the first show and Maleficent the second showing. I could of watched the show the third time, but I wanted to do other fun activities there. The villains are only out for a few minutes each time, so ask where your favorite villain will be so you can jump into that line and be waiting for them.mnsshp-meet-greets
  •  The Headless Horseman: I just adore this Disney classic and to see Disney implement it and give homage to its’ past was very cool. He rode out about 15 minutes before the Boo to You Parade.
  • The Trick or Treating: I did a little bit of trick or treating. I honestly did not do all of it, as characters were out everywhere and there are so many things to do. They give you big handfuls of candy at each station and you can go through as many times as you want. It is good candy too, my favorites were the werther’s original and M&M’s.
  • The Boo to You Parade: The parade is pretty fun, though I did find the music annoying after a little bit. The grave diggers, Haunted Mansion dancers, and seeing all the villains made it spooktackular.
  • Hallowishes: This is a very good show. Great fireworks and castle projections.
  • Merchandise: The cool merchandise available for the party is pretty nice. All the LE 2013 MNSSHP pins were sold out though. I ended up just getting a Duffy Trick or Treating pin to be my souvenir.


Thank you for sharing!

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