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7 Tips to Save More at the Grocery Store

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So you have your deals with coupons all lined and you are excited to see the total drop and save big percentages. I know I have walked into the store like that and ended up spending more than I wanted. Here are some additional tips to save more at the grocery store.


7 Tips to Save More at the Grocery Store

1. Leave your credit cards at home. Pay for your groceries with cash. Several financial experts recommend this including Dave Ramsey and Jerry Tuma. If you figured out your list and your total would be $80, bring that much cash to the store. It will keep you on budget.  No impulse purchases.

2. Grab some blinkies/tear pad coupons but DON’T take them all. The item might not be on sale now, but it might before the coupon expires.

3. Don’t take your husband along. Men tend to buy more expensive items. I plan the meals in my home with my husbands input. My shopping list usually includes sale/couponed items and fresh items I need to complete my meal plan. My husband begs for extras, usually on sale extras but still extras. Just because it is on sale with coupon doesn’t necessarily mean I need it.  I will stay on my budget/list.

4. Shop seasonally for fruits and veggies. After you buy them at their lowest price- freeze or can. For example my household picked tomatoes. We paid $1 per 5 gallon bucket. We canned tomato sauce, pasta sauce, salsa, and even tomato juice. We spent $20 and got a years supply of tomato based products. I also love knowing where my food comes from.

5. The most important tip-  DON’T SHOP HUNGRY!! That will definitely keep your impulse purchases down.

6. Use a cart not a basket. You would think a basket would have you buy less but research has proven that with a basket you try to get out quickly so you are not really looking for deals.

7. Find a YMC (young male cashier). Young male cashiers are the most coupon friendly. Get to know your cashiers they will become your friends during couponing.

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Thank you for sharing!