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5 Tips to Save on Coupon Printing

Thank you for sharing!


A lot of coupons you need to print  before they are gone because they are high value and they run out of prints. For instance, a couple months ago there were Jennie-O meat coupons. They were out of prints in 2 weeks. What that means is that you should print coupons for any item you might buy in the coming month. Some coupons reset at the beginning of the month, some go away completely until the manufacturer decides to offer the deal again.

Here are some tips to print coupons frugally!

  1. Print coupons in black and white and on the ink saver setting.
  2. Invest in a great laser printer. You get more bang for your buck. I personally use a SAMSUNG Laser Printer. We have had it for years, the ink is cheap to replace and each ink cartridge seems to last forever. I used to print more than 30+ pages a day while I was teaching and I think the ink lasted about 2 years. Now that I am not teaching I know it will go a lot further.                                                                                          
  3. Buy paper on sale when it is at a stock up price. This is usually during and after a back to school season. Now usually I recommend buying the smallest size of an item to get more value out of your coupon. Copy paper is different. Buying by the case at Staples or Office Depot is much cheaper especially if there is a great rebate and sale!
  4. Recycle paper. Stores and manufacturers don’t keep your coupons. They don’t care what is on the back.  If you printed something non coupon on the front and then are done using the paper, turn it upside down and print a coupon on it. Saves you money on paper costs and is better for the environment.
  5. Only print coupons you think you are going to use.  Several times I have printed coupons thinking, this would be a moneymaker if there is a sale on it soon. There was never a sale and it was not really a product I would usually buy. Guess where that coupon ended up? Yup, the recycle bin.

Thank you for sharing!