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5 Reasons I Love Favado

Thank you for sharing!

0af70652e806a9fa15372ffd2de5a6f8Favado is a mobile savings app that helps shoppers save time and money by discovering the best deals in more than 65,000 grocery and drugstores nationwide. The Favado app uses real-time couponing data to provide access to exclusive matching deals (coupons plus in-store promotions) for ultimate savings. Other features include planning tools for weekly shopping trips and insider access to unlisted deals. Here are 5 reasons I love Favado!

  1. Ability to compare store sales side by side. In the past I would have to look at several couponing websites and compare stores and items one by one. I would then need to print out a list or email it to myself. Though I am a huge “tabber”, I don’t really like having a million tabs open on my browser. In the Favado app, I can compare up to 5 stores at one time. What is even cooler is that I can compare a stores current ad to the upcoming one (if it is available) side by side.The paperclip symbol means coupons and/or additional discounts are available.
  2. You can trust the app’s prices and scenarios. The same bloggers that bring your weekly matchups are the ones that provide the lists to Favado. The prices are accurate and the deals legit. Plus, you enter your zipcode and the prices are for the stores in YOUR area. Sometimes your favorite couponing site that does matchups might not be for your regional store. This guarantees it.
  3. Ability to check out sales on the go. On your way to the store, and didn’t check out the sales? No problem. Check them on the app.
  4. Ability to customize your list. You can customize your list, by adding items that you need that might not be on sale.
  5. Ability to print coupons from your phone. Sadly, my phone doesn’t have that capability. I think it is pretty cool you can print coupons from your phone though. If you are like me, you send email yourself the list and then can print from there.

Overall, I give this app 4/5 stars. It is a great app and perfect even if you don’t clip coupons. Comparing sales in a nice easy, clean format is wonderful. Click here to get the Favado app for your phone/tablet! It is completely FREE!!

Thank you for sharing!