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5 Places to “Rest” at the Magic Kingdom

Thank you for sharing!

places to rest at the magic kingdom

My husband and I are going to the Rock Your #disneyside party at the Magic Kingdom on May 23rd. I am super excited! I am hoping to make it through all 24 hours at the park. The thing is, we are staying off property as we normally do and can’t easily go back to a room for a nap. I do see us needing a little rest though, so when we went to Disney last week I decided to come up with a few places where we can “rest”.

5 Places to Rest at the Magic Kingdom

  1. The Hall of Presidents– This selection has got to be my favorite choice. It is quiet, dark, and cool. The show is pretty long and though it is a must-do, if you have seen it once you are good to go. My husband ALWAYS falls asleep during this. I am not sure if he has even seen the whole show. I am sure on the 24 hour day we will try to see this attraction a couple times in the afternoon just to have a cool place to chill.
  2. The People Mover- This ride is very relaxing and if it is not busy you can go on more than once without getting out of your “car”.  Just tell the Cast Member you want to ride again.
  3. The Riverboat– Long boat ride! Have a seat, even if it on the floor. Since the scenery doesn’t change much you won’t miss anything if you close your eyes for a few minutes.
  4. The Train– Going around the Magic Kingdom is the not quietest option to get some rest, but it is an option.
  5. The Carousel of Progress- Like the Hall Of Presidents, this is a cool and quiet option. Not nearly as long as the Hall of Presidents but still offers a chance to sit down and maybe close your eyes.

I didn’t add the Baby Care Center because I don’t have kids. I have heard that is a nice quiet place for you to take your little ones for a down time as well.

Where are your favorite places to chill at the Magic Kingdom?

Thank you for sharing!

Twingle Mommy

Monday 28th of April 2014

We loved the train for a rest with our kids! And we got to the other side of the park.

Jen Kleinot

Monday 28th of April 2014

I've never been, so I don't really have a "favorite place" but I will keep these in mind when we go!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic

Monday 28th of April 2014

Hall of Presidents is my go spot to rest. Nice and cool:)

Stephanie Daigneault

Saturday 26th of April 2014

The Hall of Presidents is my favorite place for a break!

Clare Swindlehurst

Friday 25th of April 2014

I revealed my favourite spot in my new book - but I'll let you in on the secret… It's the Rose Garden Pavillion. It is so peaceful down there I once saw a family roll out some towels and take a nap on the floor!

Pixie Dust Savings

Friday 25th of April 2014

What is your book? I might have to snag a shaded spot in the Rose Garden and lay down there during the disneyside party if they haven't changed it yet.. I am so saddened by the fact they are removing the Rose Garden soon to make way for more fireworks viewing. They should not pave over such beauty!!