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4 Fun Things to Do in Heartlake City at LEGOLAND

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Disclosure: I received complimentary passes to this sneak preview in exchange for talking about it on my blog. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

LEGOLAND Florida just got a little bit more friendlier! On June 26th, LEGOLAND added LEGO Friends HeartLake City. LEGOLAND Florida has been opened since 2011 and has added so much in the last couple years. HeartLake City is a nice addition to the park. I attended the media preview the day before it opened to get a sneak peak of all the fun! Here are my top 4 fun things to do in HeartLake City at Legoland Florida.

heartlake city at legoland

4 Fun Things to Do in Heartlake City at LEGOLAND

  1. Mia’s Riding Adventure. This is a brand new ride themed around Mia’s love of horses. This adventurous ride seats up to 40 passengers on a circular platform with outward-facing horse shaped seats. The disk spins in circles while traveling forward and backward on a wide U-shaped track. My friends daughter, McKinley, went on the ride and loved it. She even was able to get a second chance to ride and she jumped at the chance.
  2. Friends to the Rescue Show.  Yay! This is an indoor attraction so you can get out of the Florida heat for a little bit. If your little ones are a fan of the LEGO Friends TV show than they will already know the songs and dances to this fun, interactive show. The kids get a front row seat for the show. The music is nice and the energy is great. The Friends realize that friends come to the rescue when you need them. After a couple songs the Friends come down to the kids and dance with them. The show ends with a burst of confetti and a beach ball toss! McKinley is is not a huge fan of Lego Friends since she is a little older than the target demographic, so she did feel a little hesitation at first to stand up and join the Friends but still enjoyed the show. The dance that they do is on the TV show, but don’t let that stop you from having fun! 
  3. Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain. Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain is a heart-shaped fountain filled with LEGO brick instruments that play real music triggered by interactive icons. It is really pretty and after the Friends to the Rescue Show, the Friends played at the fountain showing off how fun it is!
  4. LEGO Friends Photo Opportunities! One of the photo opportunities wasn’t opened yet, but we got to try out all the others. The opp that wasn’t opened yet was Stephanie’s Newsroom. Stephanie’s Newsroom is a photo opportunity that gives guests the chance to show off their camera-ready skills, as they take over for Stephanie at the Heartlake News Desk. We had fun though taking pictures with all the brick statues of the Friends.


It is worth a day trip over to LEGOLAND if you are having a Disney vacation.

What part of Heartlake City are you most excited about?

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