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10 Smart Ways to Save on Clothes – Be Frugal and Fashionable

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How much of your budget goes to clothes? Do use clothes to their fullest potential? Here are 10 ways to save on clothes that I try to do all the time.

Ways to Save on Clothes

10 Smart Ways to Save on Clothes

  1. Learn how to do simple mending. When I was younger, I would donate clothes I couldn’t fix. I had a whole pile of clothes that had simple tears, a missing button, or broken zipper. I WASTED so much money rebuying all those items. Fixing the clothes really doesn’t take much time and you can save a lot of money that way.
  2. Make sure you have the MUST-HAVE basics. You can dress up any basic look. With these items, I try to go for more quality than getting the cheapest items out there because you want these items to last.  Make sure you include these basics in your closet.
    1. Black pants – This is a good item to get at a outlet store or on clearance.
    2. Black dress shoes – Just Fab has an BOGO Free sale. They have some really cute styles and are affordable! 2 Pairs Of Shoes For $39.95
    3. Little Black DressModcloth has the cutest dresses at affordable prices.
    4. Strappy sandals – Shop for these in the fall when summer shoes are usually on sale.
    5. Comfy pair of jeans – I am a plus size girl so I shop at Lane Bryant for my jeans. My advice is to shop at several stores to find your “perfect” fit. Jeans are something I spend a little bit more on because cheap brands usually don’t stand up to the test of time.
    6. White Button Down Shirt – Find one that is comfy and flattering.
    7. Nude dress shoes – Again, Just Fab is a great source for dressy shoes!
    8. Basic Blazer – Kohl’s carries great career basics and with all their coupons and sales, a deal is very easy to come by.
    9. Khaki pants – You can get some very nice ones from Old Navy for a cheap price. They are pretty good quality.
    10. Pencil Skirt – Kohl’s or outlet store.

  3. Shop outlet stores. Outlet stores carry items that were either over ordered by the store or are slightly imperfect. Ross is my favorite outlet store.
  4. Shop thrift stores. To be even more frugal, find out when the half price days are and then shop then. I usually go the day before a half price day and scope out the clothes. I try them on and then I try to “hide” my choices to make them easier to find the next day.
  5. Host a clothing swap. Get a bunch of friends together and swap outfits or accessories.
  6. Learn the tips to get out the most common stains. Maybe your shirt with the grease stain is not ruined. Grass stains will come out of your kids clothes. Save the clothes, don’t pitch them!
  7. Buy seasonal clothes in off seasons. Buy winter coats when they go on clearance in spring. Buy swimsuits in the fall.
  8. Always check the clearance racks. Stores like Sears and JCPenney mark their clothes down a lot so you can get good, quality clothes for less.
  9. Borrow outfits for special occasions rather than buy something you will only wear once. My junior prom dress was borrowed. Have a fancy gala to attend, borrow a fancy dress.
  10. Repurpose items. If a pair of jeans are ripped to much for your taste, make shorts out of them. Make t-shirts into tanks.

What is your favorite way to save on clothes?

Thank you for sharing!