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10 Things I Pack in My Disney Park Bag

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Do you arrive at the parks all prepared for the day? If I am staying for the whole day I am carrying a bag. It saves money because I do not need to buy anything for unexpected surprises. Here are 10 Things I Pack in My Disney Park Bag .

10 Things I Pack in My Disney Park Bag

10 Things I Pack in My Disney Park Bag

Sunblock. I don’t know how, but the Florida sun seems hotter at WDW than anywhere else. I always pack my sunblock. Pick a sunblock that is sweatproof and water proof. 

Rain Gear. I don’t carry my poncho much in the winter, but from April until November Florida tends to get liquid sunshine every day in the afternoon. Disney charges an arm and a leg for a poncho, so I either buy one from Dollar General ($1.25) or use my old Disney poncho. If I don’t have a poncho, I am carrying an umbrella that has added UVA protection,

Wipes. I carry wipes and I don’t even have a baby. I found out I like to clean off my odd sunblock and sweat before reapplying it. It also cools me down a little bit. Plus, you never know if you need a wipe to clean off a table or a mess. They come in very handy.

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Portable Phone charger and extra camera batteries. Disney World offers a neat service with the FuelRod cell phone chargers. You can exchange a Fuel Rod for a fully charged one. You can order a Fuelrod online cheaper than at the Disney Parks. Bringing your own portable charger is also an option. Make sure you have extra batteries for your camera too!

Reusable water bottle. I know some people don’t like drinking from the water fountain, but the taste of the water does not bother me. I also use the free water from counter service locations to fill up my water bottle as well.

Small First Aid Bag. You know those free bags you get from some beauty samples? I use one of those bags and toss in a few bandaids, some Moleskin , and some antibacterial gel. Perfect for those minor bumps, bruises, and blisters where you don’t want to bother with going to the first aid station.

Snack Containers. I save the containers from Lay’s Stax and reuse them for snacks of my choosing. They are a bit more durable than Pringles containers and don’t get squished as easily as foods in baggies. I also like that if I choose I can throw it away or lose it, unlike a tupperware container which I paid for.

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Trading Pins. I used to carry a separate bag of Disney pins, in one of those nice binders they sell at the parks. Well, since getting robbed I am especially careful with my pins. I take 2 more of the freebie makeup bags, one is for pins I want to trade, and one is for pins I am keeping or researching to find out if they are scrappers. To buy pins ahead of your trip check out the Disney Store.

Ziploc Bags. Great to put electronics in if it rains or if you are going on a wet ride. You just never know when a baggy will come in handy!

Extra socks. I keep an extra pair of socks and change them midday. It is nice to get off my sweaty socks and put on some fresh ones.

Here is a printable checklist for you to use to remember the park bag essentials!

So, what do you like to pack in your Disney Park Bag?

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