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10 Things I Buy at Thrift Stores

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Do you have a price list? I make a price list for not just food items, but for all items. I almost refuse to pay more than a certain amount for a lot of items. Why pay more than I know I have to? This is where thrift stores come into play and I even get the best prices at thrift stores. Here are the top 10 things I buy at Thrift stores.

Books– Books are something I read once and then usually don’t pick up again. I can find great books for $2 or less at any thrift store.

thrift store books

Clothes– Get all of your classic wardrobe basics at the thrift store. Here are some of the basics I buy. Look for name brands you trust and love. Not sure of a brand? Take a second and Google it. Brands are usually better from Macy’s than Walmart.

  • Jeans. I tend to stay away from black and usually, they are more of a grey especially when it comes to pants.
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Sweaters
  • Graphic T-Shirts
  • Blazers
  • Casual Dresses
  • Dress Pants

Picture Frames- The Dollar Tree may have a few frames, but not all sizes. Thrift stores have a wide assortment of frames or pictures. Disregard the picture or painting inside and just concentrate on the frame. You can paint a frame if you like the style but not the color.

thrift store frames

Check out these ideas from Apartment Therapy for transforming thrift store frames!

Purses– I am not one to spend hundreds on a purse by a certain designer, though I do have a “dream” purse that is Disney. You can get a huge selection of purses at most thrift stores and can have a different one for each outfit for a fraction of the price of one designer purse. Make sure that the purse is cleanable and does not have an odor.

Baskets and other storage containers– Honestly, sometimes I cannot afford the “Dollar Tree” organization ideas that float around on Pinterest. My Dollar Tree rarely has the same containers or they are in weird colors. Plus, if I have to buy several that can get pricey. I can find baskets, plastic containers, and office organizational stuff at thrift stores for under a dollar.

Decor Items– Vases, knick-knacks, and other decor items are really cheap at thrift stores. People change out decor all the time so thrift stores get a lot in and unless the item is high end usually mark it cheap so it moves fast.

Seasonal Items– Halloween Costumes, Christmas Decor, Easter items, Valentine’s day items and more can easily be found for super cheap at thrift stores. Many stores also do a post-holiday clearance. I have found many Hallmark ornaments and expensive keepsakes at thrift stores.

thrift store holiday decor

Toys and Games– Though you may not be able to find the latest toys and games, you can find many toy “staples” such as dolls, legos, blocks, home center type toys for very cheap.

I like finding games at thrift shops as well. With games, please make sure to count all the pieces. For toys with batteries, open up the battery compartment to make sure the batteries have not leaked.

Select Kitchen items– Some of the kitchen items I love finding in thrift stores are cast iron pans, casserole dishes, roasting pans, and other nonTeflon pots and pans. I usually do not buy kitchen appliances, though my air popper is a thrift store find for $1.

Craft Supplies– Without thrift stores, my crafting habit would hardly survive. Some thrift stores (not all) have a great crafting section!

So, what things do you buy at thrift stores?

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