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10 Things to Buy from the Dollar Tree

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The Dollar Tree is a fun store! Sometimes knowing what to buy in a Dollar Tree is confusing. Some things are up priced to be a dollar and some things are so cheaply made that paying a dollar is not worth it. Here are 10 Things I Buy from the Dollar Tree that I have found to be very helpful and work great! Please remember what I find in my Dollar Tree you might not find in yours.

Dollar Tree Store

What to Buy from the Dollar Tree

Shopping at the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to save money. You can find cheap items that are more expensive elsewhere. I still pay attention to quality so there are still some things that I don’t buy at the Dollar Tree. 

1. Party Supplies & Greeting Cards

Most Dollar Trees have a nice selection of greeting cards for any occasion. When it comes to their party supply selection they are loaded with so many color options. They even have Disney party supplies, usually Princesses and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You can also find gift bags, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. 

2. Picture Frames

Lots of different sizes and styles to choose from, 8×10, 5×7, and 4×6. Especially frugal when doing a gallery wall. Most frames don’t have glass so they are super kid-friendly. 

3. Coloring & Activity Books

Coloring book for kids can get used quickly, so why spend 2-4 dollars. My Dollar Tree has a nice selection from Disney to Marvel to Christian ones. I have also noticed some include a few adult coloring books as well. 

4. Craft Supplies

I get a lot of my consumable craft supplies from the Dollar Tree. Great for kid’s art projects and general crafting. You can find wreath frames (check out this Halloween Wreath I made from all Dollar Tree materials), craft sticks, Mod Podge, paints, and floral. The craft selection seems to grow each time I go! 

5. Disposable Roasting Pans and Food Storage Containers

My Dollar Tree has a great selection of roasting pan sizes and is where I go to when I am picking out containers to use for freezer cooking. I use plastic containers for meal prep. I do prefer the Betty Crocker brand to the Dollar Tree brand as they close tighter. Since they are just a $1 I don’t mind tossing them if they get stained and I change them out often to lower the carcinogen risk. 

Dollar Tree Food Storage Containers

6. First Aid Supplies

I like getting First Aid Supplies from the Dollar Tree because I like having a well-stocked first aid kit. Not all the items for the kit can be found here but I get quite a few. My husband is an EMT so we have a well-stocked kit in my house and also in the car.  I buy one of the Dollar Tree shoe boxes to keep the supplies in and I buy the following items:

  • Bandaids
  • Antibacterial Cream 
  • Peroxide
  • Rubbing Alcohol 
  • Pain Relievers (I buy name brand or Walmart/Target brand for the full-size versions to keep in the Medicine Cabinet) 
  • Ace Bandage
  • First Aid Tape
  • Gauze Pads
  • Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Bug Bite Relief (Calamine Lotion or Hydrocortisone cream) 

7. Seasonal Decor

A cheap and quick way to decorate for any holiday! You can find supplies to craft to your own decorations or ready-made decorations. I especially like the holiday dishes you can buy. Don’t forget about summer decorating! 

8. Organizational Items

Most Dollar Trees have a good assortment of baskets and containers for organizational purposes. A good, cheap way to get organized. I have learned that you should buy however many you think you may need of a basket or container because not all shipments are exactly the same shade colorwise. The store may also discontinue the item by the nect time you go. 

9. Teacher Supplies

When I was a teacher I loved getting so many things here. They have items for bulletin boards, dry erase supplies. folders, binders, poster board, and general office supplies. You can also stock up on cute boxes of tissue for your classroom! 

10. Spring/Summer Toys

Looking to fill an Easter Basket or just welcome in spring and summer then Dollar Tree is a must-visit store. You can get pool noodles, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, children’s swim goggles, and even floaties. 

Things to Avoid Buying at the Dollar Tree 

  • Food Items. Most food items are smaller and marked up to a dollar. Usually, if you price per ounce Aldi or Walmart comes up cheaper. 
  • Electronic Items. Go for quality when buying earphones, chargers, and other electronics. 
  • Toys. Overall, the toys are cheaply made and break easily so I don’t consider them very safe. 

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So, what are some things you buy from the Dollar Tree?

Originally Published June 9th, 2014. Updated with more information and updated pictures!  

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