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10 Things to Buy Before Your Disney Trip to Save Money

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Doing Disney on a budget is saving money whenever possible. Unprepared Disney vacationers can spend hundreds buying things at Disney they could have purchased beforehand. Disney knows you can’t leave their property unless you grab a taxi, so they kind of have you stuck paying their insane prices for common items. Here are my top 10 Things to Buy Before Your Disney Trip that will save you hundreds!

Things to Buy Before Your Disney World Vacation

10 Things to Buy Before Your Disney Trip

Rain Gear. More than likely, it WILL rain during your Walt Disney World vacation, especially in the summer. Usually, it is just a quick downpour around 3 o’clock. At the time of this article, a poncho at the parks costs $9.39 not including the tax. Target has a Coleman poncho for a good price. I prefer an umbrella, and I picked up a great one at Target. I love the umbrella I got because it also offers UVA protection, so I use it to protect from getting sunburnt as well.  I did spend a little bit on the umbrella, but since it is double duty, I figured it was worth the expense.

Sunscreen. Sunscreen at the parks is really expensive. I have a firm belief that the sun at Disney is closer to the park than it is for any other place on Earth. Be sure to look for sunscreen coupons to save on your purchase.

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Glow Sticks/Bracelets. Once one kid sees another kid with a glow stick, then the begging commences. Battle that with buying glow sticks from the Dollar Tree. glow sticks

Personal Misting Fan. The misting fans sold at Disney are $17.84. That is quite steep for a water bottle with a fan attached. I picked one up at Target that kept me cool. I have the O2Cool Deluxe Misting Fan. It cost just $8.99. Amazon has some O2Cool Misting Fans that have Disney designs such as Frozen for under $15.00.

First Aid Kit. Be prepared for scrapes, minor sunburns, blisters, headaches, and stomach troubles. Disney overcharges for their first aid items. The First Aid stations in the parks also offer free band-aids and Tylenol, but it is so more convenient to have a kit in your park bag (check out what I pack in my park bag here).

Disney Trading Pins. I hesitate to put this on my list, but I do get my pins from eBay or Amazon. I look for pins that are a little more than $1 per pin. Pins that are less than that are usually scrappers. Scrappers can still be traded, but are frowned upon by many. I have shared how to tell if a pin is a scrapper.

Flip Flops. I am notorious for forgetting my flip flops, without them getting to the pool can be awkward and as I have learned very painful. They are sold at the gift shops if you forget them, but you can always pick up a pair at Walmart or Payless for a lot less money.

The Hidden Mickey Book. Finding Hidden Mickeys is such a fun activity. They do sell the book at the parks, but it can be found cheaper on Amazon.

Comfortable Back Pack. They sell backpacks at Disney. I think a lot of people don’t realize they will want to carry a bag at the parks. A lot of the backpacks sold at Disney aren’t comfortable. You will be wearing this backpack all day, so it needs to be comfortable for you. I also look for one that is easy to get into. I found my backpack at a thrift shop.

Disney Autograph Book. There are cute ideas for making cute autograph books, you can find them on Amazon as well. I have a list of 20+ items Disney characters will sign so you can bring something cool to get signed.

So, what are some things to Buy Before Your Disney Trip that you make sure you have?

Things to Buy Before Your Disney Trip

Thank you for sharing!