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10 Cheap Date Ideas that aren’t Boring!

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Valentine’s day is coming up soon. Though my husband thinks it is a silly “holiday” he lets me have my fun. Here are some things we have done in the past that are either totally free or around $20. These cheap date ideas will keep your love flowing without draining your bank account. 

couple kissing behind a fan

1. Go geocaching

The only possible cost for this is gas, but sometimes that can even be avoided if you find an area with lots of caches. Think of this like a hide and seek game where you can use your GPS on your phone. Don’t worry you don’t need to hide anything. This is a game where random people leave “caches” with a small trinket in it and a list. You find the cache hidden in a waterproof case and add your names to the list. 

2. Have a cupcake decorating date

My husband and I love to bake together. We baked the cupcakes together and then use decorating tips and candies to decorate the cupcakes. If you don’t own tips yourself, try to borrow some from a friend. We had fun decorating the cupcakes and arguing over who had more talent, LOL. You could post your cupcakes online and have people vote for their favorite. 

3. Try a new sport together

My husband and I chose tennis. We found some rackets at a thrift store and a can of new tennis balls do not cost much. Before we hit the courts we had some fun checking out tutorial videos on YouTube. You can learn anything on YouTube now! 

date idea- couple kissing during tennis

4. Have a themed movie date

Sometimes rather than just pulling out a movie and watching it. I develop some simple decorations and a menu that goes along with the movie.  One of my favorite themed movie nights was Star Wars night. I even dressed like Princess Leia.

Here are some ideas:

5. Watch a new TV show together

Now, this is best if you have a streaming service. Basically, you pick a show neither of you has watched before and start with the first episode. To keep it more interactive, between each episode talk about it. Talk about what may happen next, characters you like, and overall storyline development. 

6. Plan a Dream Vacation

My husband and I have a huge Bucket List and only half of it is Disney related. We want to see the world. We use the computer or our imaginations and dream up our itinerary.

7. Have a water balloon fight

If you are in a colder climate have a snowball fight. Water balloons can be bought at the Dollar Store.

8. Have a spa date night.

Now, I know what you are thinking- my hubby wouldn’t go for that.  It all depends on the way you approach it if you are married or at that stage of your relationship you can add that it would include a “happy” ending.  My husband loved the foot massage and foot bath. He even painted my toenails for me. He still gets props from me for that first amazing spa night. We still do them, but he doesn’t paint my nails anymore.

9. Volunteer together.

My husband and I like to volunteer with animal organizations. Our favorite thing to do is a dog run. That is where you help transport a dog from one shelter to another so it can find a forever home. We haven’t done them as much since moving to Florida- but we always enjoyed the time spent together as we got to know a new furry friend. Some other places could be a homeless shelter, animal shelter, retirement home, or maybe even a widow woman in your church. I am sure that would make her heart happy to see a married couple helping together.

10. Have a Photography Date.  

Grab a camera and pick a few local spots to have a photo shoot. Let your spouse pick out your outfit and locations. I figure my husband knows what he likes to see and I am lucky because my husband has some really good taste. To make the date longer you could even upload to Mixbook and then make a digital scrapbook together. 

What you have fun doing with your date when money is tight?

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