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Sweet DIY Gifts to Brighten your Friend’s Day!

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Do you like giving your friends little tokens of appreciation? I love having a secret sister at church and blessing somebody with a gift. I love giving gifts. Sometimes my budget doesn’t let me go out and buy a gift, so I have to make one. Sometimes it is just a homemade card, sometimes it is more. Here are great DIY gift ideas for you to bless your friends with!

DIY Gifts to Brighten your Friend’s Day

What I love about these gifts are that even though they are DIY you won’t have to spend lots of money at the craft store. Many of these gift ideas use recycled items or very cheap craft supplies that you can get at the Dollar Tree

Friendship Bean Soup Gift in a Jar– This gift is very, very cheap to make and comes with an adorable tag as well!

DIY Earring Holder– This earring holder is so cute, plus the supplies needed are very few. You might even have an old grater you don’t use anymore that would be perfect for this.

DIY Prayer Box– Sometimes as friends we don’t have all the answers, but God does! Make your friend one of these beautiful prayer boxes so they can carry their problems to God too.

DIY Swirl Vase– This vase is super adorable. You can pick some cute wildflowers to put into it too!

I Need S’More Friends Like You Gift– This is tagged as an end of year gift for kids to give, but I think a s’more gift would be a perfect summertime gift to give to your friend.

Handmade Pancake Mix Jar Gift– This gift has an adorable free printable tag too. If you have a breakfast loving friend this would be perfect!

Bucket of Sunshine Gift– What a great way to brighten a friend’s day!

DIY Photo Wheel– What a great way to show off a friendship!

Daily Reminders from God Jar– This is a gift that is simple to make and cost very, very little! This gift also lasts the whole year!

Stamped Word Search Scarf– This DIY includes a video tutorial. The possibilities are endless on this one. You could include words that have special meanings to just you and them.

Thank you for sharing!